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LOAN CLOSINGS & Settlement Services

What to expect at your closing
Knowing what to be expected is the best way to ensure your closing goes smoothly. To help you prepare for your closing, we've compiled some tips we've learned over the years we gave been in business.



  • Any individual whose name appears on the loan must sign the loan and documents

  • Spouse not on the loan must sign the mortgage if homestead property

  • Photo identification and/or Social Security Card are required

  • Copy of Purchase and Sale Agreement

  • All requirements by the underwriter

  • Home Owner/Hazard Insurance Policy



  • Mortgage Payoff Information

  • Photo identification and/or Social Security Card

  • Wood Infestation Report

  • Survey or Legal Description

  • Home Owner's/Condominium Association Contact Information

  • Title Documentation on the property being sold (Required for Title Reissue Credit)


Title Search

  • Current Owner Search

  • 40 year searches

  • Property reports

  • Copies of Instruments

  • Ownership searches

  • Lien and Subordination reports


Reports typically include legal description, current property tax information, deed, status of all mortgages, judgments and federal tax liens.

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