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TITLE Searches


Agent Technology Capabilities:

Advanced Features available on TitleSearch 5.0 Professional version:

  • Aim for Windows® Integration
    TitleSearch may be launched from the AIM for Windows toolbar. Pertinent information is passed from AFW to TitleSearch's order module. Search results are retrieved through Search Manager. Requirements and exceptions are created through Advanced Search Analysis then transferred back to AFW.

  • Search Manager™
    Search Manager provides a single access-point to compile multiple search results from the title plant. Data and images can be resorted, printed and emailed. Research is efficiently managed from the desktop, reducing or eliminating the volume of printed search reports and documents.

  • Advanced Search Analysis™
    Advanced search analysis is user-defined intelligence that categorizes search results by document type, identifies potential examination issues, and calculates a composite score or value. ASA intelligence is based on rules derived from your title plant. ASA creates requirements and exceptions that can be transferred back to Aim for Windows.

  • TitleWatch™
    TitleWatch generates automatic email notifications of title plant activity. It can be used for internal purposes or as a service that is sold or provided as a marketing tool. TitleWatch allows the user to define watch parameters for a specific time period.

  • Advanced Title Search (ATS)
    The application provides efficiently managed Web-based automated title searches from a broader variety of data sources, both public and private. ATS creates a consolidated property Title Search Report (TSR) from various public and private databases, applies rules-based search analysis technology, and delivers an electronic title search package to the title professional.

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