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Your construction work may not cause contamination, but there could be potential or unknown contamination from previous use of the site or from contamination seeping across from neighboring properties. Under current federal law, any party that has ever been associated with a contaminated property can be held liable for the cleanup costs, even if the party acquired the property after the contamination took place.

Environmental Risk Insurance, offered by Security Title Guarantee Corporation of Baltimore and underwritten by AIG, gives you flexible solutions for your potential environmental exposures. Policies provide coverage for losses due to on-and off-site pollution conditions, transportation risks and non-owned disposal site-related liabilities. Some of the more common environmental risk policies include:

  • Pollution Legal Liability for Commercial Development

  • Pollution Legal Liability for Real Estate

  • Pollution Legal Liability Select

  • Storage Tank Liability Insurance

  • Clean-up Cost Cap

  • Contractors Pollution Liability and Occurrence for Contractors

  • Contractors Professional and Pollution Liability

  • Environmental Surety

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