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TITLE Closing Services

Tailored To Your Needs

AmeriTitle offices and agents can coordinate and provide a wide variety of services to facilitate the efficient closing of a residential transaction, including issuing title commitments, endorsements and policies, underwriting, recording, escrow services, and additional services which can include: 


Appraisal Services
Many AmeriTitle branch offices can provide residential appraisals locally or through Security National Title groups. For more information on how to order an appraisal, please call or email.


Inspection Services
In certain locations around the country, AmeriTitle branch offices can coordinate and provide residential property inspection services through AmeriTitle service company. Branch offices and agents can also coordinate these services locally, providing for home, pest, and environmental inspections. 


Flood Certification
AmeriTitle can offer flood certification services including basic flood determinations, life-of-loan flood zone determinations, census tract certification, and flood zone certification that complies with the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act. 


Zoning Certification
AmeriTitle can provide pertinent zoning information on residential projects, through our network of national service providers.

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